Three Armadillos removed from Fayetteville, GA client.

Single Armadillo removed

We set our traps in a subdivision in Fayetteville, GA for Armadillos on Tuesday  the 28th of May. On Wednesday’s trap check we had a Raccoon that had been stealing cat food at night. On the morning of the 30th we had one armadillo in the trap. We removed that armadillo and came back to the shop only to receive a call from the client saying he had another armadillo in the trap. We responded back to his house to remove this armadillo so he would not spend the day in the heat with no water. When we arrived this is what we found.

Three Armadillos removed from Fayetteville, GA client.

Double Armadillo removed in Fayetteville, GA

Not the first time we have caught more than one armadillo at a time. This was our first double catch in daylight after clearing the traps for the day. Needless to say we have one happy client. This client called a large business chain about the issues he was having and was told that they are to busy dealing with wildlife inside the homes of their clients. Thus we have a new client that is well pleased with the professional service from Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC.  If your having issues with Armadillos in your yard we employ tried and true methods that produce results until your problems are removed. If you have tried other companies and are not satisfied with the results give us a call. We can and will catch and remove the armadillos from your yard. Give us a call at (678)340-3269


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