Bat Inspection | Bat Removal McDonough, GA

We were called to remove bats from an attic in McDonough, GA  today. Upon arrival we were told that the homeowner was putting up Christmas decorations and saw bats in the gable vent. We questioned if we should trap the bats out, Set up a bat exclusion, or hand catch the bats. We checked the whole attic for bats and fortunately they were just behind the louvers of the gable vents. Now we had to verify that this was a bachelor’s colony or a maternity colony. We found this to be a bachelor’s colony with no babies or nursing mothers.  We removed the few bats and sealed up the gable vents and construction gap totally.  This home is bat free for a very long time.

Bat Removal | Bat Trapping | Bat Exclusion

This bat did not make it back out of the attic.


Bat Removal | Bat Trapping | Bat Exclusion

Bats found in the Gable Vent in McDonough, GA


Bat Removal | Bat Trapping | Bat Exclusion

Bat Guano in Gable Vent



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