Bat Removal Calls in Georgia

Bat Removal call are rolling in due to Arctic Blast.

We received another bat removal call this morning in Griffin, GA. The arctic blast is forcing the bat colonies to search out warmth. This call was bats inside the residence. This is the second call for bats entering the living space in two days. Eco Wildlife Solutions offers its customers Hand Catch and Removal services. If you find bats inside your home due to this cold weather call us as soon as possible before the bats have the opportunity to find a hiding spot. We send out our technicians to remove the bats and inspect your attic for bat colonies. We have trained technicians that utilize proven methods that are safe for your family and pets to remove your bat issues. We relocate all bats to occupied bat houses off your property which is humane to the bats. Remember that if you have a bat in your home call us as soon as possible and prevent anyone from coming in contact with the bat in your home to include your pets.

We can and will remove bats from your home. Call us at (678)340-3269

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Hand Catch of Big Brown Bat from a home in Newnan, GA



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