Bat Removal from home in West Point, GA.

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This is Guano on one of the Decorative Keystone Lintels.

We received a call from a customer in West Point, GA for Bat Removal. It seems that the contractor had a signature upgrade to his homes to jazz up his homes. This feature is the downfall of the design on these home. This builder added a decorative molded keystone and lintel above each window and door. Now all good intentions crumble with poor follow thru. The contractor installed these features with 18 gauge pin nails which led to them falling away from the homes allowing bats to enter behind the voids.

Bat Removal | Bat Exclusion | Bat Trapping

Bat Guano behind decorative feature.

We also found the bats utilizing another cavity created by the contractors of this home. When this home was built the trim crew completed the home and the rock mason came second. The freeze board in this home does not have rock completely behind it. This defect allows the bats to sneak behind this area and utilize this void.

Bat Removal | Bat Exclusion | Bat Trapping

Here the freeze board does not cover the rocks completely.

Bats are very opportunistic with their roosting areas here we removed a bat from each open area due to the rocks being square and the freeze board running at an angle. You can see the sebum on the freeze board from the bats rubbing as they entered the voids.

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Voids left from rock-work not covered by freeze boards

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