Bat Removal from LaGrange, GA Retail Store

Mexican Free Tail Bat Removal

Notice the lack of web skin to the tail.

We responded to an Emergency Bat Removal from a well-known retail store near downtown La Grange, GA. We arrived to find a Mexican Free Tail flying around inside the retail area of the store. The store Management had closed the store from the public due to the exposure precaution protocols. We were able to catch and remove the bat from the store so they could re-open the store. Upon further inspection of the premises we located prior work to the structure in am attempt to remove the bats. We spoke to the Manager and she told me that they had a local pest control out last year to remove the bats. The products and techniques utilized by this pest control company were sub par and absolutely useless for excluding bats. Please be very cautious of pest control operators that have no formal training or certification in dealing with wildlife. Its better to pay once for dealing with your nuisance wildlife. If you have a bat flying around inside your home or business give us a call at (678)340-3269


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