Bat Removal Newnan, GA

We were called for a Bat Removal in Newnan, GA. We responded to preform a bat inspection at a customers residence who was pressure washing his home when 20 or so bats flew out of the gable vent. We started our inspection inside the attic and were met with the following photo

Bat Exclusion | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Large amount of Bat Guano located during Bat Inspection in Newnan, GA


After seeing this amount of guano we knew that their were more than 20 bats involved in this colony. As we looked up above the guano pile we were greeted by all these guys.

Bat Exclusions | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Here is the main bulk of the colony greeting us as we look up.


This home was one of the many we have seen that the issue begins with the bats loafing behind the louvers of the gable vent. Bats drop guano while sleeping and as it builds up on the screen wire the acidity of the guano will eventually break down the metal and cause the screen to fail. When this happens the bats then have full access to your attic to multiply the colonies numbers dramatically.

Bat Exclusions | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Gable Screen Wire damaged by Bat Guano.


If you have spotted bats hanging around in your gable vents by all means contact us quickly as the damage to the screen wire may not be so bad as to allow them access into your attic. For more information go to or call us at (678) 340-3269. We can remove the bats from your home and repair the damage caused by the bat colony inside.


Bat Exclusion | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Bat Excluder in place and awaiting the Bats to exit the home.


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