Bat Removal in Newnan, GA

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Mexican Free Tail Bats utilizing this Squirrel Entry Point.

Mexican Free Tail Bat Removal in Newnan, GA

We were called today by a client in Newnan, GA for a Bat Removal Inspection. We were told that the bats had chewed a hole in the siding of the home and tunneled through the Icynene Foam Insulation. We ask when did the client hear the activity primarily and she stated during the day and night. Upon further investigation during our inspection we found a Squirrel entry point and damage to the foam insulation. A small colony of Mexican Free Tail bats had utilized this entry point and started a colony in the cavity created by the squirrels. We were able to remove the Mexican Free Tail Bats and relocate them to an established colony for Over-Wintering and closed the access point. If your having issues with bats in your home or attic call Eco Wildlife Solutions at (678)340-3269.

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Squirrel Entry Point that allowed a colony of Mexican Freetail Bats access in the attic.

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