Bats awake from Hibernation here in Moreland, GA

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Here is the main bulk of the colony greeting us as we look up.

Bats awake from Torpor in the Moreland area.

As the weather warms in our service area we see more activity with bats as they awake from their winter hibernation. As the bats awake from torpor they may be confused and you find bats in your home in Newnan, GA. Bats awake and seek out light to exit the structure. If you have access areas leading from the attic to your living space bats can find routes inside. If you found bats in your home we ask you leave it to the professionals. Bats are carrriers of the rabies virus and will bite to defend themselves. We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC are trained and certified to safely and humanely remove bats from your home and prevent them from


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