Beaver Dam Removal in Harrisonville, GA

We were called out to resolve some beaver dam issues in Harrisonville, GA . We found a thriving family of beavers that had built three dams blocking the spillway, and two emergency run around. The beavers has raised the level of the lake by 3 feet above normal levels. After removal of the beavers we began the process of removing the dams in a controlled manner to prevent downstream flooding. This video is the beginning of this process of beaver dam removal to resolve the lake levels. You will see that we don’t cause a mass failure of the dam in the videos. This would cause flash flooding down stream. Instead we utilize a controlled release of the backed up water to prevent down stream issues. If you are having issues with Beavers and would like to discuss Beaver Dam Removal at your property. Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.


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