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Beaver Dams compound flooding issues with winter rains.

As everyone knows the Eager Beaver can construct his dam in record time. This Beaver Dam was located on one of our customers property that adjoins a state highway. The Beavers have constructed a perfect semicircular dam around a culvert to back up water in a stand of timber. This in itself is unhealthy for the viability of the timber. With that said add in the winter rains and the fact that this dam was measured at about 8 feet tall and growing. This is the recipe for major damage to the state highway and down stream flooding when the beaver dam fails due to a over pressure of the structure from winter rains that are already lining up in our area. This back up of water will obviously nurture a totally new set of wildlife in this area however without removing the offending Beavers and the Beaver Dam you can almost certainly guarantee property damage and tree loss. Eco Wildlife Solutions offers its customers total solutions to remove the offending colony of beavers and breaching or totally removing the dam to restore the natural flow of rain run off which prevents the destruction of natural timber and under cutting any road systems in the area. If you’re having issues with flooding on your property and have never had this issue in the past give us a call at (678)340-3269. We will schedule an appointment and provide you a professional inspection provided by GA DNR licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators. We Can and Will Remove the Problem Beavers


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