Brown Bat Removal Moreland, GA

We were requested to perform a Brown Bat Removal from a home in Moreland, GA. We arrived at the home and began our inspection process with a walk around the home. We found Grey Squirrel damage on a soffit return that had been repaired by the homeowner.  The brown bats had utilized the damage caused by the squirrels as an entry point until this area was closed by the homeowner.

Bat Trapping | Bat Removal | Bat Exclusion

This repair that was made by the homeowner to prevent Grey Squirrel entry has given Brown Bats access.


The bats moved over to a new area to exit and enter their home. You can see this area in the photo below by the staining on the fascia.

Bat Trapping | Bat Removal | Bat Exclusion

Brown Bat Entry Point Moreland, GA Bat Removal

After we located the opening we moved into the attic to look for the damage on the inside of the attic. We found guano under the ridge vent all along the house where the bats were under the ridge vent. We spoke to the homeowner and she had just had a new roof on the home recently. Knowing this we came to the conclusion that the roofer removed the old ridge vent and the bats flushed out and they installed the new ridge vent and sealed them out of the home.

Bat Trapping | Bat Removal | Bat Exclusion

Bat Guano located from a Bat Removal Inspection in Moreland, GA

The bats then found the squirrel damage on the soffit box and started using this area. We have installed a bat cone and awaiting their exit from the structure to seal the home for good. If you’re having issues with bats in your attic give us a call at (678)340-3269


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