The difference in Professional work and non-professional work is training, not a trained eye. Any one with a trained or untrained eye can see below that this will not work. Please look at the aluminum flashing stock that was used to cover the entry point. This flashing was ill fitting and held on the fascia with Scotch Packing Tape.


Untrained Operator's Repair

This is a untrained operator’s idea of a proper repair.


This is the hole that the that this ill fitting patch was covering. The squirrels had chewed the aluminum trim coil and fascia board to gain entry into the attic.


Squirrel Damage to Fascia

This is the damage to the fascia wrap and fascia board to gain entry in the attic.


The discoloration on this photo was caused by some type of glue used to hold this patch. Our philosophy is if your paying for a professional repair on your home that you consider an investment why not make sure your dealing with a professional operator that repairs your home to the same level before the damage or better. Below is the picture of the final repair by Eco Wildlife Solutions to properly repair this hole. You will see that the color difference of the new trim vs. the old trim is noticeable and draws attention to the patch. This will blend better after the house is cleaned and pressure washed.

Fascia Repair Complete

This is the finished repair to the fascia. The wielded wire will be removed with the trap upon completion.






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