Eastern Kingsnake

Eastern Kingsnake is identified with the yellow bands


We are noticing a rise in the population of the Eastern Kingsnake in our service area. We have seen two in the last week and received numerous calls about them. Everyone wants to know if they are a venomous snake. This is one of the non-venomous snakes species that you want around your yard. See photo below for further reason to leave them on your property.


Eastern Kingsnake eating Copperhead

Eastern Kingsnake eating Copperhead


Kingsnakes in general are known to be the king of the snake world. The are one of the few species that eat venomous snakes. They are documented as eating Copperheads, Water Moccasins, Rattlesnakes, and Coral Snakes. If you see the pattern they eat every native venomous snake that we have. This is the one snake that you should learn to live with around your house.  We as always are available to remove your Eastern Kingsnake if you can not deal with the idea of a snake in your yard.

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