Now utilizing UV Inspection Lights to solve your wildlife issues.

UV Wildlife Inspections

Urine Stains under UV Light

We at Eco Wildlife Solutions are proud to announce that we are adding the use of UV Inspection Lights to our tool box to assist us in mitigating your wildlife issues quicker. Many industries today utilize UV lights for many methods. We utilize UV inspection lights due to the fact that wildlife secretions( ie. Urine and Skin Oils) fluoresce under UV light. Many food service inspectors know that rodent hair will fluoresce under certain wavelengths of UV light which assist them in determining if a restaurant has an infestation of mice. As wildlife gains entry into your home they leave evidence of their existence on many surfaces of your home. Most of this evidence is invisible to the naked eye. With the use of UV lights we are able to confirm the fact that you have wildlife issues and also track their movements within your home. It is not enough to confirm the fact that you have an issue if you can not let traps in an active area of your home. Many companies will confirm you have an issue and blindly set traps all over in hopes that they will get near the active areas. Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC is proud to offer this service to our customers as a way to shorten the trapping time which saves our customers money.

Wildlife Inspections with UV Lights

Tracking Trap with UV Sensitive Powder


We also utilize a UV reactive powder to set up tracking traps for wildlife to walk through and collect the powder on their fur. This aids us in following the movements of the wildlife back to their den or home that was established in your residence. This technology is one of the many ways to further our ability in solving your wildlife issue in a rapid manner. If you’re having issues with wildlife or think you have heard something after dark in your home we can confirm your suspicions with UV Technology. Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.


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