Gearing up for Georgia Bat Removal Season

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Here is the main bulk of the colony greeting us as we look up.

With the warm weather approaching we are gearing up for the Georgia Bat Removal Season. Bats that have over wintered in your home unnoticed will begin with their nightly foraging activities and with the nursing season fast approaching your colony will increase. We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC see colonies go unnoticed all year without detection until Christmas decoration are removed from the attic. We recommend that you contact us quickly before the pup rearing season begins. We are unable to molest any nursery colonies until after the babies are weaned. If you act now we can remove the colony before they multiply their numbers. Bats are very beneficial to the Eco system however when inside your home they are dangerous to your health. Bats leave large amounts of guano that grows a whole host of bacteria and molds that are hazardous to your health and indoor air quality. Bats also have the inherent risk of being infected with the Rabies Bacteria. We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC have extensive knowledge on the most humane methods to remove bats from your home. We also sanitize the area and remove any guano and soiled insulation.

Bat Exclusion | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Large amount of Bat Guano located during Bat Inspection in Newnan, GA

You may ask the cost of such a clean up? You will be pleased to know that most Homeowner Insurance policies will cover most of the cost of the repair. Most Insurance companies will not cover any of the removal of the bats, however they cover the cost of the clean up and restoration of your home. Eco Wildlife Solutions has experience working together alongside your insurance company to restore your attic to a safe environment thus restoring your indoor air quality. Give us a call to discuss your options on solving your Bat issues.

Brown bat removal | Brown bat trapping | Brown bat repair Large Brown Bat Nursery in Newnan, GA

Large Brown Bat Nursery in Newnan, GA


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