Honey Bee removal set up in Peachtree City.

Honeybee Removal

Honey Bee Removal in Peachtree City, GA


We have set up a Honeybee Trap out in Peachtree City, Ga. What you see here is the entrance of the hive that has been set up to only allow access out of the hive area. We have substituted the hive with a commercial Bee hive. This colony was newly established in this wall. During the spring of the year honeybees swarm to help keep the colony alive. This swarm found this house with a trim board that was loose. If you’re having issues with Honeybees or have seen a swarm outside of your house Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC has trained beekeepers on staff to offer you solutions to rid your yard or house of Honeybees. Give us a call at (678)340-3269


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