Honey Bee Swarm Removal, Moreland, GA

We were call out to remove this Honey Bee Swarm today from a resident in Moreland, GA. Just as we arrived on the scene the honey bee swarm fell from a catalpa tree onto the ground. This is one of the hardest way to recover a swarm and convince them to move into a hive. We set the hive on the ground and moved it right up to the swarm that was all in the grass. After 25 seconds the bees started marching into the hive on their own. We will return later tonight and see if the whole swarm enters the hive and relocate them to our apiary. If you’re seeing a lot of bees in your yard chances are that you have a swarm. Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC offers swarm removal from your property. If you’re having honey bee issues give us a call at (678)340-3269.

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Honey bee swarm removal from Moreland, GA.


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