Hall County: Raccoon Rabies Report

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Hall County Rabies Report

Georgia 04/02/14 Hall County: A raccoon that fought with a dog on Bowen Bridge Road in the Clermont area is the fourth wild animal in the county to test positive for rabies so far this year. – Seehttp://www.accessnorthga.com/detail.php?n=273283

We are receiving calls for Raccoon’s exhibiting unexplained behavior in Newnan, GA. Both callers described Raccoons that were growling and seemed vicious towards them. The dead give away of the possibility of Distemper is the description of the Raccoon walking aimlessly in a circle. If you see a raccoon in your yard in the daylight this is not a very uncommon occurrence. If you see one that is acting out of sorts that is acting aggressive and walking in circles please don’t approach them. Contact Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC. We are trained and certified by GA DNR to mitigate such issues.

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Gable Screen Wire damaged by Bat Guano.

As you may have seen over the last week with the weather warming up in our area, animal activity is on the rise. With this rise of animal activity you are bound to see more human to animal conflicts on the rise. We have seen a rapid increase of our Bat Removal, Squirrel Removal, and Armadillo Removal calls on our end. We are seeing the bats waking from a long winter slumber. Bats are becoming very active exiting structures in the evening and letting the homeowners know that they exist. Squirrel activity is also on the rise with the coming of mating season and female squirrels building nest inside attics. We have already responded to several strange noises in the attics of several customers and located baby squirrels in the nest. With the warm up we are seeing more armadillo activity in the yards of customers. Eco Wildlife Solutions LLC has ramped up our preparation for assisting our customers in dealing with these wildlife conflicts. If you have noticed those unexplained noises, odors, or strange holes appearing on your property or inside your structures and need some guidance on how to resolve these issues, Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC is prepared to offer you total humane solutions to resolve your wildlife issues. We offer Wildlife Trapping, Wildlife Removal, Wildlife Hand Catch solutions to rid your property of nuisance wildlife. If we can be of any assistance to you please call us at (678)340-3269 or visit our website at www.ecowildlifesolutions.com for more information.

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This Grey Squirrel was Trapped and Removed from our clients home in Newnan, GA.


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Gearing up for Georgia Bat Removal Season

Bat Exclusions | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Here is the main bulk of the colony greeting us as we look up.

With the warm weather approaching we are gearing up for the Georgia Bat Removal Season. Bats that have over wintered in your home unnoticed will begin with their nightly foraging activities and with the nursing season fast approaching your colony will increase. We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC see colonies go unnoticed all year without detection until Christmas decoration are removed from the attic. We recommend that you contact us quickly before the pup rearing season begins. We are unable to molest any nursery colonies until after the babies are weaned. If you act now we can remove the colony before they multiply their numbers. Bats are very beneficial to the Eco system however when inside your home they are dangerous to your health. Bats leave large amounts of guano that grows a whole host of bacteria and molds that are hazardous to your health and indoor air quality. Bats also have the inherent risk of being infected with the Rabies Bacteria. We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC have extensive knowledge on the most humane methods to remove bats from your home. We also sanitize the area and remove any guano and soiled insulation.

Bat Exclusion | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Large amount of Bat Guano located during Bat Inspection in Newnan, GA

You may ask the cost of such a clean up? You will be pleased to know that most Homeowner Insurance policies will cover most of the cost of the repair. Most Insurance companies will not cover any of the removal of the bats, however they cover the cost of the clean up and restoration of your home. Eco Wildlife Solutions has experience working together alongside your insurance company to restore your attic to a safe environment thus restoring your indoor air quality. Give us a call to discuss your options on solving your Bat issues.

Brown bat removal | Brown bat trapping | Brown bat repair Large Brown Bat Nursery in Newnan, GA

Large Brown Bat Nursery in Newnan, GA


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Hall County: Rabies Alert

Georgia 03/13/14 Hall County: A raccoon found in the Bridge Drive area in the northern tier of the county has tested positive for rabies. This is the second rabid animal found in the county so far this year. – Seehttp://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/24965879/hall-county-confirms-2nd-rabies-case-this-year#axzz2vur1LBC8

Barrow County: Rabies Alert

Georgia 03/10/14 Barrow County: A raccoon found on Hidden Court off Sims Road in Winder has tested positive for rabies. This is the second rabid raccoon found in Winder in less than one week. The first confirmed case was on Meadow Brook Drive. – Seehttp://www.barrowcountynews.com/section/14/article/22100/

Georgia 03/06/14 Barrow County: A Rabies Alert was issued in the county on Thursday after a raccoon that fought with a pet cat on Meadow brook Drive in Winder tested positive for the virus. The raccoon was shot and a another raccoon was found dead nearby. – Seehttp://onlineathens.com/breaking-news/2014-03-06/rabies-alert-issued-barrow-county-after-racoon-tests-positive

Now utilizing UV Inspection Lights to solve your wildlife issues.

UV Wildlife Inspections

Urine Stains under UV Light

We at Eco Wildlife Solutions are proud to announce that we are adding the use of UV Inspection Lights to our tool box to assist us in mitigating your wildlife issues quicker. Many industries today utilize UV lights for many methods. We utilize UV inspection lights due to the fact that wildlife secretions( ie. Urine and Skin Oils) fluoresce under UV light. Many food service inspectors know that rodent hair will fluoresce under certain wavelengths of UV light which assist them in determining if a restaurant has an infestation of mice. As wildlife gains entry into your home they leave evidence of their existence on many surfaces of your home. Most of this evidence is invisible to the naked eye. With the use of UV lights we are able to confirm the fact that you have wildlife issues and also track their movements within your home. It is not enough to confirm the fact that you have an issue if you can not let traps in an active area of your home. Many companies will confirm you have an issue and blindly set traps all over in hopes that they will get near the active areas. Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC is proud to offer this service to our customers as a way to shorten the trapping time which saves our customers money.

Wildlife Inspections with UV Lights

Tracking Trap with UV Sensitive Powder


We also utilize a UV reactive powder to set up tracking traps for wildlife to walk through and collect the powder on their fur. This aids us in following the movements of the wildlife back to their den or home that was established in your residence. This technology is one of the many ways to further our ability in solving your wildlife issue in a rapid manner. If you’re having issues with wildlife or think you have heard something after dark in your home we can confirm your suspicions with UV Technology. Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.

Flying Squirrel Construction Gap Newnan, GA

We located this construction gap while doing a Flying Squirrel inspection. This allows wildlife access into your attic.

We were called for a Flying Squirrel Removal at a clients home in Newnan, GA.  During the inspection we located a common issue with today’s construction methods. Construction Gaps are the leading entry point for any wildlife we encounter in homes today. The Flying Squirrels were not utilizing  this construction gap on this home at the current time however there was evidence of prior activity inside the construction gap.

Flying Squirrel Trapping | Flying Squirrel Removal | Flying Squirrel Exclusion

Flying Squirrel Entry Point with Trap in place

We were able to locate the entrance and place a trap over the hole.  If you’re having issues with flying squirrels and need to have them removed. We have proven trapping methods to remove your flying squirrel issues. Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.

Coyote Trapping Newnan, GA

Coyote Trapping | Coyote Removal

Coyote Trapping, Newnan, GA

Coyote Trapping and Removal, Newnan, GA

We were called for a Coyote Removal from a clients yard in Newnan, GA. This coyote was seen stalking this clients dog in the back yard. Due to mating season you may see Male Coyotes out during the day searching for a mate. We were able to set traps and capture this large male and remove him from the area. If you have seen coyotes on your property and want them removed we utilize proven methods for coyote removal and will rid your property of coyotes. Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.