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Having issues with nuisance wildlife that you have exhausted all other avenues? We have certified shooters on our team that can resolve your issues with invasive species or nuisance wildlife under federal and state depredation permits. We offer our customers a turn key stealth solution offering day and night time harvesting. Our operators are well versed in stealth removal in sensitive high tolerance shooting environments. Birds inside your store with customers inside? We offer you a solution. Canadian Geese destroying your lake front property and you have tried every other option? We are well versed in the Federal Depredation Permit process and regularly operate year round harvesting for permit holders. Pigeons destroying your outer trim work and defacing your property causing a health hazard for your workers and customers? We offer turn key solutions to remove the current flock and install deterrents to prevent future flocks. If we can help you give us a call. Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.

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