Lost or Missing Pets Recovery Map


We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC are all pet owners and have dealt with the suffering and grief of dealing with a lost or missing pets.  Due to all of the recent calls from pet owners in regards to Coyotes stalking pets and trying to take them we have built this map for you to utilize if you have a lost or missing pet. Sometimes just having a tool to assist you in getting the word out to everyone and having the ability to show visually where your pet was last seen and the direction he was heading or last sighted will assist you in recovering your lost loved one. If you are involved with any organization or group that works with pet owners to assist in the locating of missing pets feel free to share this tool with their organizations also. We offer this as a service to our community to assist them in some way in their time of need.

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  1. Jody Neighbors says:

    Thanks for the post of my missing dogs! With all family and friends on the look out, I would have thought we would have found them by now. 🙁 However, we will keep looking. Thanks again. Jody

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