New Construction Wildlife Prevention Inspection and Exclusions

You spent all your hard owned money on a New Home. Why not make sure its fully protected with a New Construction Wildlife Inspections and Exclusion in the construction phase?

New Construction Inspection and Exclusion

We offer New Construction Inspections and Exclusions during the construction phase. Photo: © cfarmer

The most common entry point we see during inspections is construction gaps which are common practice utilizing common construction methods by most framers and siding contractors. You have spent your money on a General Contractor to construct your home thinking it will be totally sealed from anything. However contrary to popular belief most contractors take short cuts that will not effect the aesthetics or life safety of your homes structure without considering wildlife invasion into your brand new home. Most contractors have never had to deal with bats or squirrels in a home so they are not focused on the issues their building habits cause. We offer New Construction inspections after each trade finishes his task to make sure his methods of construction will not give access to wildlife after you move all your valuables into your new home. We will come out and inspect each element of the job and point out deficits in the construction for you to point out to your contractors to have repaired.

New Construction Inspections and Exclusions

This is the most common entrance for squirrels. This area would be hidden by a gutter so it may go unnoticed.


We also offer our Total Exclusion services to New Construction Home Owners. We repair any construction deficits left behind by your contractors utilizing proven exclusion methods. We will come out after each trade completes his or her part of the construction before the project moves into the next phase and inspect the work in regards to Nuisance Wildlife entry points and repair the areas that need repairs prior to the next trade service moving along further covering the deficit area. If you have spent your life’s savings on your dream home thinking you will enjoy your new home for many years with no issues. One weak point in your home can lead to wildlife entry and damage to your new home.

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Grey Squirrel Primary Entrance thru Soffit, Sharpsburg, GA

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