Nuisance Coyotes on the rise in Coweta County.

Nuisance Coyotes in Coweta

After reading the morning edition of The Newnan Times Herald while drinking my morning coffee I see that the coyote issues in and around Coweta County are on the rise. What really troubles me is that this is the third article in the news paper that I have observed where the home owner has no resolution to their issue due to a lack of knowledge on who to turn to. Every article I have read and every news report seen on our local news outlets seem to end with residents up in arms on how to resolve the issues. So I feel the need to try to shed some light on this ever-increasing issue.

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I have a nuisance coyote so I should call Georgia DNR

Many residents of  Coweta County feel that if they have an issue with Coyotes around their home or property that they should contact the Georgia DNR and they will send out a Game Warden to solve the issue. unfortunately this is rarely the case. The Ga DNR Game Wardens are spread pretty thin. One Game Warden will cover up to four counties at a time and spends their day enforcing wildlife and game laws. If they were dispatched to every nuisance wildlife call that their dispatcher received they would be backed up for years. GA DNR can provide you with information on how to modify your property to discourage nuisance issues. However if you call them wanting a Game Warden to fix the issue chances are you will be disappointed. This is simply not their job.

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GA DNR could not help so I’ll call Coweta County Animal Control

After you have called GA DNR and felt like you got no where you now call Coweta County Animal Control to plead your case with them. Your met with a very polite voice answering the phone to which you advise them you have coyotes in the area threatening your pets or livestock. You are again disappointed when they tell you that they do not deal with wildlife. You see Animal Control is only licensed to deal with domesticated animals. They primarily deal with domestic dogs and cats only. Occasionally you will see that they are dispatched out to a farm animal that has gone astray. Again if Coweta County Animal Control dispatched an animal warden to every single wildlife call they received in Coweta County the county would be over run with stray dogs and cats and distemper and parvo virus would run rampant in Coweta County. Again this is simply not their job.

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This Nuisance Coyote was removed in Moreland, Ga from a Poultry Farm


Now you have exhausted every agency to call about your Coyote. Now who can you turn to?

You have called every agency that you know to call and reached out to every avenue that your familiar with. Who will you depend on now to take care of your Children, Pets, and Livestock? Who could their possible be left willing to assist you in with this Coyote that is no longer welcomed on your property? Enter the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. Many residents of Coweta County are unaware that the Georgia DNR offers you solutions to your Nuisance Coyote issue in the form of a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. Now you ask yourself what is this Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator? Let me be the first to explain to you what it is we are tasked with. The Georgia DNR certifies all Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators to deal with any Nuisance Wildlife within the State of Georgia. We are able to deal with any wildlife that you have a problem with, with the exception of  Deer, Bear, Turkeys, and Alligators over four feet in length. If you’re having an issue with any wildlife with the exception of the four I just named we are licensed by the Georgia DNR to operate as an agent of the GA DNR to assist you in your Nuisance Wildlife issues. Many citizens have been told about people who trap wildlife during the fur bearer season and tell you to call them. This is not an issue when you’re having an issue within this fur bearer season. A commercial trapper can assist you with wildlife causing you a problem with in the fur bearer season(December 1 – February 28).  These guys and girls are a great resource to reach out to if you’re having an issue during this time. However the only time they can trap your issue is during this time. If you have that Lone Coyote that’s stalking your Min Pin during your morning walk in June a NWCO is who you need to contact.

Now I know to call a NWCO for this Coyote Problem…… How?

There are 9 certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators with in Coweta County so you’re in luck. If you would like to view the list for yourself you can see the NWCO List by Clicking Here. As you can see you’re in luck. Now I can tell you that most of the NWCO’s you see on the list have built their certification around operating a business. We offer our services to the citizens of Coweta County for hire. We have set up legal registered business’ through the secretary of state, we hold business licenses with Coweta County, and some of us have gone the extra step to secure Liability Insurance to protect our customers property from any damage we may cause during conducting our work. Every Operator on this list is well versed in what it takes to correct your wildlife issues. I can speak for several when I say that some of us attend yearly training classes to remain on the cutting edge with our trapping techniques and habitat modification guidelines. I encourage you to contact several of the names on this list and interview them to see what they can offer you to correct your issue.

Now that you have the Knowledge on how to deal with Coyotes

you can prevent this!

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If you’re seeing Coyotes and lots of Missing Dog Posters in your neighborhood then ask yourself what the connection is.


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