Squirrel Mating Season in West Central Georgia

Eastern Grey Squirrel

This is the most common of all the squirrel species in the west central Georgia area.

Gray squirrels and fox squirrels live throughout Georgia.  Both species are breeding this time of year and will have a second mating season from June – July.  An average litter size is 3, and only the mother squirrel raises the young.  Their home is either in a leaf nest or in a cavity of some sort (a hole in a tree, a nest box, or perhaps your attic).  If you are hearing noises in your attic this time of year the chances are good that you have squirrels living in your attic. The primary issue is squirrels are in a the rodent family and love to chew the insulated cover on electrical wires in your attic and walls. This leads to the possibility of a fire. If your hearing squirrels in your attic give us a call. We have several options to rid your home of these pest. We get the out and keep them out. (678)340-3269


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