The Squirrel Removal and Trapping Season has begun in our area. We have noted that the squirrel nesting and birthing season is well under way in our area. Squirrels will seek out a safe nesting area while rearing their young. Your attic is a safe sheltered area that some squirrels will seek out to raise their young. If you are hearing strange noises in your attic or seeing that lone squirrel hanging out on your roof or gutters you should be suspicious of a squirrel in your attic. Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC utilizes industry standard methods to safely and humanely remove those unwanted squirrel from your attic. After a squirrel locates an attic to nest in it is very hard to keep this squirrel from reentering your home or  your neighbor’s home.  We offer our customers a total removal solution that includes trapping to remove the squirrel from the area so that no re-entry occurs.

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Squirrel Pied Piper in Moreland, GA

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