We completed a Squirrel Removal and Total Exclusion in Newnan, GA yesterday. Unfortunately we had to reschedule this service due to the ice storm. After the inspection we were unable to narrow down the entry point to any specific spot except the construction gap. We set up and began to close the construction gap on the home and found this situation.


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Squirrels chewed into a Styrofoam decorative column topper to gain access into the attic.


Squirrels had found a weakness on top of the Styrofoam decorative caps on the columns of the front porch. We were able to close the tops of the columns with color matched metal to close this entry point for good. If you’re having issues with squirrels in your attic this will show you just how persistent squirrels can be. Squirrels  will locate their entry point in the most obscure points on your home.  Unless you actually see them entering your home you may overlook the issue totally. The above photo was found on top of a column 20 feet above the porch. If you’re having issues with squirrels give us a Call (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.


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