With Christmas approaching rather quickly and everyone going into the attic for your Christmas decorations. Pay particular attention to the condition of your attic and the possibility of any unwanted guest occupying your attic. If you find unknown droppings lying around your attic as in the picture below please contact us to set up a wildlife inspection.

Bat Exclusion | Bat Removal | Bat Trapping

Large amount of Bat Guano located during Bat Inspection in Newnan, GA


We at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC specialize in Wildlife Exclusions and Attic Restorations. We can remove the offending animals and sanitize your attic and return your home into a safe and healthy home for your holiday season. Remember that the more time these unwanted house guest occupy your home the more damage and waste they leave behind. Let our trained wildlife technicians correct the issue prior to your holiday festivities. Contact us at (678)340-3269


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