Updated Wildlife Sightings and Damage Map

Beaver Dam

This beaver dam will fail with winter and spring rains causing a rapid release of water down stream.

We have updated our Wildlife Sightings and Damage map to also include any Rabies Reports in the State of Georgia. If you were curious as to where Rabid animals were reported in the state you can now take a look at our map and see. We also included for all the Equine fans any report of EEE. If your a outdoorsman you can see where instances of West Nile Virus located on the map. We are asking the citizens of Georgia to include your sightings and damage on our map. Feel free to navigate to the Map Link Here and add your information. If you would like to add your deer hunting information on this map feel free. If you have sighted coyotes while your in the deer stand add them up. If you’re noticing beaver damage around your property feel free to add them up. Did you see a Bald Eagle flying around your property?  Share this with everyone by placing a place mark on the map. If you have photos of your sightings or damage feel free to add them to the place mark.  Again we look forward to seeing everyone’s information populate this map for our research of population densities and damage propensity for any general area.

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Armadillo Damage found under a downed tree.


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